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Lorenzo Maccone has given a lecture at the faculty of Physics and Nanoresearch laboratory of BSU


Lorenzo Maccone , Professor in the Department of Physics,  Italia – Pavia University  and member of INFN (Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics) , has given a lecture on “Quantum Technologies and foundations” at the faculty of Physics and Nanoresearch laboratory of BSU .

Dr. Maccone is an internationally known speaker and scientist on Quantum Information Theory .  He is the author of multiple publications in International Journals indexing in different databases ( Web of Science, Scopus , Google Scholar and etc.) and a book.

He was delivering  a public lecture at Baku State University during 2 – 6 Aprel. Lectures were open to  the public. A lot of Students, masters and PhD’s were taking part in the lectures. The lectures were as follows:

  1. Quantum Mechanics, with a quantum Information approach: postulates and main applications;
  2. The Schroedinger’s cat;
  3. Entanglement, Bell inequalities.

In 5 th of April prof. Maccone gave a presentation  in Nanoresearch laboratory. In his presentation he covered many interesting aspects of Quantum Physics and answered asked questions.

Discussions will be held for further collaboration.

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