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A history of chair.

The Mutter Structure chair has been created in 1966 under the direction of senior lecturer Rahmi Gasanov. In creation and development of this faculty the role of professor S.A.Gadzhieva was important.
In 1972 on the basis of this faculty two chairs have been created: « Mutter structure» and «Quantum mechanics of atom and molecules».
Since 1972 till 1992 the manager of faculty of the Structure of substance was the corresponding-member of NАSА, prof. S.A.Gadzhiev.
Since 1992 to present the manager of faculty of the Structure of substance is the academician of the Peter Academy of sciences and arts, professor E.A.Masimov.

Structure of department

Now 23 employees of faculty are engaged in scientific and pedagogical activity: 4 professors, 8 associate professors, 2 senior lecturers, 10 research assistants.


Masimov Eldar Ali
Abdulvahabova Sajida Gafar
Abdullayev Khanveli
Prudko Valentina Vasilyevna
Barhalova Niyal Shaban
Bayramova Tunzala Ogtay
Gasanov Alim Ahmed
Ahmedov Nijat Faik
Agayeva Leyla Namiq

Teaching-special technical staff

1. Pashayev Oqtay Maxmud Head of laborat.
2. Hasanov Niyazi Hasan dr, engineer
3. Musayeva Senzura Mahmud research assistant
4. Ahmedova Svetlana Mehraj senior research assistant
5. Nasirova Banovsha Djaniyar senior research assistant
6. Baqirova Hokuma Shamil research assistant
7. Turabova Gulnara Aliabbas senior research assistant

Scientific activity of department

Now employees of faculty perform research work by two directions: physics of biological systems and physics of high energy. On faculty laboratories - on nuclear and nuclear physics, optics, physico- chemistry of polymers, spectroscopy of a scale - resonance and physical chemistry of solutions of macromolecules at present function.
5. Studies of faculty
Employees of faculty publish higher 25 textbooks, manuals and monographies
6. Disciplines taught on faculty
Nuclear physics
Atomic physics
A structure of substance
Physics of high-molecular connections
Physical chemistry of solutions
Studying of biological systems by biological methods
Studying of biological systems by a method of distribution biphase systems water - polymer
Physical and chemical methods research of biopolymers
Chemistry of high-molecular connections
Physical-chemistry properties of biological systems
Structure and property of biological systems
Ultrasounds methods in studying biological systems
Studying of biological systems by methods EPR and nuclear magnetic resonance.

External scientific communications

Employees of faculty have scientific connections by centers of science of former Soviet republics (Moscow, Leningrad, Kharkov, Saratov, Tbilisi and e.c.t), and also foreign centers of science (Iran, Turkey, Slovakia, the USA, England and e.c.t).

Participation in conferences

Last years participation of employees of faculty at the international conferences, the congresses and symposiums.
2007, XVI International conference "Chemical Thermodynamics", Russia (RCCT 2007), Suzdal July 1-6.
2008, XV Russian conference "Structure and dynamics of molecular systems", Yalchik.
2008, VIII International congress "Solid state chemic and micro and nano-technology" Kislovodsk, Russia,
2008, ХV Beynəlxalq konfrans, Yalçıq;
2005, May, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia, II Russian Symposium of Chemistry and Biology of Peptides
2005, September, Tabakhmela (Tbilisi), Georgia, NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Air, Water and Soil Quality Modeling for Risk and Impact Assessment
2001, July, Kyoto, Japan, 4th International Conference of Biological Physics
2001, October, Moscow, Russia, 6th Multidisciplinary Regional Conference of Biological Physics.
2000, May, Erzurum, Ataturk University, Turkey, III National Atomic and Molecular Physics Symposium.


ВОДА  -  Э.А.Масимов


News  2009  year

Were awarded prof. S.G.Abdulvaqabova with medal of “Taraqqi”, prof. M.Sh.Mamedov with diploma of Ministry of Education of AR,  dos. N.Barxhalova  with diploma of BSU. Published textbook by prof. E.A.Masimov: Atomi¢s phisica and phisico-chemical propetes of polymers. Post gratuated Masti Daryush Kerem from IRI became candidate of scense.

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