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Journal of Low Dimensional Systems


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VOLUME 2 (1) , ( MAY 2018)

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VOLUME 2 (2) , (OCTOBER 2018)

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VOLUME 3 , (MARCH 2019)

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VOLUME 3 (2) , (NOVEMBER 2019)

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VOLUME 4 , (MAY 2020)

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Aims and scope

The Journal of Low Dimensional Systems is a well established international medium for publication of research in condensed matter and materials science. Emphasis is placed on experimental and theoretical work which contributes to a basic understanding of and new insight into the properties and behavior of low dimensional systems. General areas of interest are the electronic, spectroscopic and structural properties of low dimensional systems, including perfect and defect lattices, surfaces, interfaces, thin films and multilayers, amorphous materials and micro- and nanostructures, and layered structures.

Typical examples include the preparation and structural characterization of novel and advanced low dimensional materials, especially in relation to the measurement and interpretation of their electrical, magnetic, optical, thermal and mechanical properties, phase transitions, electronic structure and defect properties, and the application of appropriate experimental and theoretical techniques in these studies. Articles are encouraged in all the above areas, but especially those which emphasize fundamental aspects of materials science.


Editor in Chief:

prof. Mahammadali Ramazanov (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)


Deputy editor-in-chief:

prof. Aydin Kazimzade (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)
prof. Olgun Güven (Hacettepe University, Turkey)


Editorial board:

prof. Ronald Caple (University of Minnesota, USA)
prof. Eden Mamut (Ovidius University of Constanza, Romania)
prof. Akiko Kimura (Hiroshima University, Japan)
prof. Angelo Chianese (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)
prof. Zoltan Konya (Szeged University, Hungarian)
prof. Ktizstian Kordas (Oulu University, Finland)
prof. Pulickel Ajayan (Rice University, USA)
prof.Hiroshi Yamamoto (Komatsu University, Japan)
prof. Huseyn Mamedov (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)
prof. Irada Aliyeva (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)
prof. Rasit Turan (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)
prof. S.Ismat Shah (University of Delaware, USA)
prof. Mahammad Babanlı (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)
prof. Evgueni Chulkov (Donostia International Physics, Spain)
prof. Jean-Claude Tedenac (Universite Montpellier, France)
prof. Igor Yaminskiy (Moscow State University, Russia)
prof. Ralfrid Hasanov (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)
prof. Metin Balci (Middle East Technical University,Turkey)
prof. Adil Garibov (Nucklear Centre, Azerbaijan)
dr. Akos Kukevech (Szeged University, Hungarian)
dr. A. M. Panich (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel)
prof. Archil Chirakadze ( Georgian Technical University , Georgia)

Executive editors:

dr. Laman Abdullayeva (Institute for Physical Problems Baku State University, Azerbaijan)



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