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1) NOVELTY and ORIGINALITY are of primary importance. The results presented must significantly advance the field and improve scientific knowledge..

3) SIGNIFICANCE: Accounts of research must appeal to a broad readership. In the cover letter, authors should provide a paragraph explaining how the work differs from the knowledge available in the literature.

Manuscripts that do not satisfy these general requirements will not be sent out for peer review and will be returned to the authors.


All manuscripts will be first evaluated for adherence to submission guidelines, assessed by the editors, and may then undergo a peer-review process. Provisional or final acceptance is based on scope, originality, scientific accuracy, relevance, clarity, and topical balance of the Journal. Decisions will be communicated to the corresponding author by e-mail.


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Manuscript Preparation

At first submission, manuscripts may be submitted as single Word or PDF files, including references, figure legends, figures, and tables.  For more information:





Checklist for Manuscript Submission

__ Cover letter stating that the manuscript or any part of it has not and will not be submitted or published elsewhere (initial submission)
__ Suggestions for potential reviewers (initial submission)
__ Point-by-point response to reviewers and editors (revised submissions)
__ Graphical Abstract (text in .doc format; image in .eps, .tif, or .jpg format for revised submissions depending on article type) (revised submissions)

Manuscript (in .doc format for revised submissions):
__ Title page
__ Title of article
__ Full names(s), academic degree(s), affiliation(s) and titles of author(s)
__ Author to whom correspondence, proof, and reprint requests are to be sent, including address and business and home telephone numbers, fax number, and e-mail address
__ Any conflict of interest statement(s), disclosure(s), and/or financial support information, including donations
__ Word count for the abstract, a complete manuscript word count (to include body text and figure legends), number of references, and number of figures and/or tables
__ Abstract (double-spaced as part of manuscript file)
__ Article proper (double-spaced)
__ Acknowledgments, if any
__ References (double-spaced on a separate page of the manuscript file)
__ Figure legends (double-spaced on a separate page of the manuscript file)
__ Tables (uploaded separately as .doc files for revised submissions)
__ Figures (uploaded as separate files in .eps, .tif, or .jpg for revised submissions)
__ Supplementary Material and/or Videos, properly formatted (uploaded as separate files)
__ Signed permission to reproduce any previously published material, in all forms and media (scanned in as a file and uploaded as Permission)
__ Signed permission from person(s) named in Acknowledgments (scanned in as a file and uploaded as Permission)
__ Authorship agreement form (revised submissions)

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