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1. Chair history

The astrophysics chair is the youngest chair of physical faculty of the Baku State University. It has been opened in 1975 on the basis of laboratory of the astrophysics organized in 1972 by the professor D.M.Kuli-zade. In 1975-1992 over chair the member-correspondent of National Academy of sciences of Azerbaijan, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, the professor R.E.Gusejnov, in 1992-1997 the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, senior lecturer I.A.Aslanov supervised. Since 1997 on present time over chair the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, the professor D.M.Kuli-zade supervises.

On chair scientific researches of the physicist of the Sun and on the physicist of stars and fogs are carried out.

In chair existence 2 candidates of sciences (K.I.Alysheva, Z.F.Shabanova) and 1 doctor of sciences (D.M.Kuli-zade) have been prepared. By employees of chair it has been published more than 200 original scientific articles in authoritative international and republican magazines, it is prepared a number of textbooks, manuals and monographies.

Employees of chair participated with reports in a number of the international seminars, conferences and symposiums. In 2001 the chair had been spent the international conference on astronomy and astrophysics. prof. D.M.Kuli-zade was the chairman of organizing committee of conference.

Employees of chair of prof. R.E.Gusejnov and prof. D.M.Kuli-zade were repeatedly selected members of organizing committee of some the international conferences. Prof. D.M.Kuli-zade presided in the international conferences.

Employees of chair of prof. R.E.Gusejnov, prof. D.M.Kuli-zade and Prof. N.Z.Ismailov are selected by members of the European Astronomical Society.

2. Chair structure

On astrophysics chair laboratories of astronomy, astrophysics, spectroscopy and physics of the Sun function. Scientific and teaching materials the chair receives from the Shamahinsky Astrophysical Observatory, from Main Astronomical Observatory NAS of Ukraine and other foreign observatories.

On chair 3 doctors of sciences, 4 candidates of sciences, 1 head of laboratory, 1 senior laboratorian and 1 laboratorian work.

3. Employees of chair

Kuli-zade Djafar Museib
Samedov Zahir Agamurad
Alisheva Kamala Ilyas
Alieva Zamina Fejzulla qizi
Gulahmedova Sona Nariman
Alili Aynur Hamid qizi

4. Scientific activity of chair

On astrophysics chair scientific researches in two directions are conducted:

1. Physics of the Sun (the head of the prof. D.M.Kuli-zade)

2. Physics of stars and fogs (the head of the prof. R.E.Guseinov)

Under the guidance of the prof. D.M.Kuli-zade scientific researches on Fraungoferov to the Sun spectrum are conducted. Contours of strong hydrogen lines of series Balmer, and also contours of strong resonant lines of some chemical elements are most in detail investigated. A number of new results on this question was found by reflexions in the monographies which have been let out in London (K.Allen, A high sp ….), Moscow (V.V.Sobolev, the Course of theoretical astrophysics), etc. the Prof. D.m.kuli-back has offered a number of new methods of research on the physicist of the Sun (a method of definition of a local background of the continuous spectrum, a new quantitative method for the analysis of asymmetry of profiles weak and average фраунгоферовых lines in the Sun spectrum, a new method for the analysis of mechanisms уширения profiles strong фраунгоферовых lines, etc.). The Prof. D.M.Kuli-zade has shown for the first time distinction of curves of the growth constructed on lines of chetno-odd transitions, and also the physical parameters defined on them.

Prof. R.E.Guseinov and its group are engaged in research of planetary fogs. Recently they had been developed methods of definition of distances to planetary fogs, factors of dilution, a radiation stream, radiuses of the central stars of planetary fogs and e.s. are calculated.

5. Chair study

Employees of chair read lectures at physical faculty in 2 subjects:

1. Astronomy (III course)

2. Astrophysics (IV course)

Besides, employees of chair conduct all lecture and a practical training on specialization of M 01.01.00"Physics-astronomy», opened at the initiative of chair in 2003.

Curriculums of the subjects provided in the curriculum are prepared and published.

On chair besides a bachelor degree preparation of masters on a specialty by THAT 03.00.10 "Astrophysics» is spent.

6. Teaching subjects

At bachelor degree level

Obshchefakultetsky subjects for a speciality of "Physicist"

1. Astronomy

2. Astrophysics

Subjects for a speciality "Physics-astronomy"

1. Classical astronomy

2. Spherical astronomy

3. Practical astronomy

4. Practical astrophysics

5. The general astrophysics

6. Theoretical astrophysics

7. The heavenly mechanics

8. Physics of the Sun

9. Astronomy of planets

10. A galaxy structure

11. Mathematical processing of astronomical supervision

12. Research of Solar system from space

Subjects, teaching at geography faculty

1. Astronomy

At magistracy level (THAT 03.00.10)

1. Modern problems of astrophysics

2. Astrospectroscopy

3. Photospheres and atmospheres of stars

4. Atmospheres of planets

5. Practical astrophysics

6. Spectrofotometry

7. An internal structure of stars

8. Physics of the Sun

9. Galaxies and the interstellar environment

10. Relativistic objects

11. Planetary fogs

7. Foreign communications

The astrophysics chair maintains scientific relations with Moscow, St.-Petersburg universities of Russia, the Istanbul university of Turkey, Tabrizsky university of Iran, the Main Astronomical Observatory of Ukraine.

Prof. D.M.Kuli-zade have been invited in the Istanbul university and 2 years there read lectures on Astrospectroscopy and has organised reading of this course and a laboratory practical work at this University.

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