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The chair of solids state physics was created in 1971 under the initiative of the Academy of sciences of Azerbaijan with the aim of preparation of the highly skilled staff in the field of physics. Since organization moment till nowadays academician, doctor of sciences, professor B.M.Askerov is the head of this chair.
The main scientific direction of the chair are theoretical researches of the kinetic, thermodynamic, magnetic and optical properties of the semiconductors and metals, low-dimensional electron systems, including the superlattices. The results having an important scientific value are received by employees of the chair. 4 doctor of sciences and more than 20 candidate of sciences and in the last years about 32 masters are prepared.


Now the chair continues the activity in the following structure:

Professor-teacher team:


1.  kafedra müdiri, fizika-riyaziyyat elmləri namizədi, dosent Mahmudov Mehdi Müqabil oğlu

2.  fizika-riyaziyyat elmləri doktoru, professor Əliyev Məmməd Novruz oğlu

3.  fizika-riyaziyyat elmləri doktoru, professor Fiqarova Sofya Rüstəm qızı

4.  fizika-riyaziyyat elmləri doktoru, professor İsmayılov Taryel Hümbət oğlu

5.  fizika-riyaziyyat elmləri namizədi, dosent Həsənov Eldar Rəsul oğlu

6.  fizika-riyaziyyat elmləri namizədi, müəllim Qədirova İradə Ramiz qızı

7.  fizika üzrə fəlsəfə doktoru, müəllim Mustafayeva Ruhiyyə Kərəm qızı


Teaching assistant team:


1.  böyük laborant Bayramova Günel Asəf qızı

2.  böyük laborant Güləhmədova Sona Nəriman qızı



In different year academician F.M.Gashimzade and проф. R.R.Gusejnov from institute of Physics of the National Academy of sciences of Azerbaijan lectured the special courses on chair.
The head of rhe chaer acad. B.M.Askerrov is a member of Presidium of the Maximum(Supreme) Certifying commission at the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, and also the editor of a series of physical and mathematical sciences of " the Bulletin of the Baku university ".


A theme of the research work of the chair is " Theoretical researches of thermodynamic, kinetic and optical properties of the solid states and low-dimensional electron systems. The following basic scientific results have been received:
The quantum theory of thermomagnetic phenomena in metals and semiconductors in strong magnetic method of calculation of thermomagnetic current in the presence of quantized magnetic field is offered. Actually with appearing of the method the development of a new direction in electron transport phenomena in the solid states. In particular the Shubnikov - de- Haas oscillations and magnetophonon resonance were investigated. The consecutive theory galvano -and thermomagnetic effects in semiconductors with taking into account the real and anisotropy spectrum of current carriers is advances.
The consecutive theory of the transport phenomena in conducting films, both in classical, and size - quantized films is constructed. Qualitatively new phenomenon - negative Magnetoresistance in the degenerated conducting films is predicted. Influence of a size quantization on thermopower and Nernst - Ettingshauzen effect is taken into account.
Termomagnetic and galvanomagnetic phenomena in superlattices in classical and quantized magnetic fields are investigated. The spin influence on a longitudinal Magnetoresistance oscillations in a quantized magnetic field is investigated.
The linear and nonlinear theories of the optical phenomena in quantum wills and quantum wires are developed. The electron Raman scattering, Faradey effect and two-photon absorption of light in semiconductors, semimetals and inverse semiconductors are investigated.
The theory of instability of the current vibrations in the many - valley semiconductors in the external magnetic fields is constructed.
The scientific results received by employees of chair are included in the number of monographies and manuals and have been published in leading foreign and republican journals: " Physics of a firm body ", " Physics and technics(technical equipment) of semiconductors ", " Letters in ЖЭТФ ", " Physics of low temperatures ", News of High schools of Russia "Physics", " Physica Status Solidi ", " J.Phys. Condensed Matter ", " Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures ", "Nanotechnology", " Philosophical Magazine Letters " and also are reported at the international and Republican conferences.
On a theme of chair 4 monographies have been issued:
1. Askerov B.M. - the Theory of the phenomena in semiconductors. Publishing house of the Academy of sciences of Azerbaijan, ССР, Baku, 1963, 128 with..
2. Аскеров Б.М.-Kinetic effects in semiconductors. Publishing house " Science ", Leningrad, 1970, 304 with..
3. Askerov B.M. - the Electronic phenomena of carry in semiconductors. Publishing house " Science ", Moscow, 1985, 318 with..
4. Askerov B.M., - Electron Transport Phenomena in Semiconductors. World Scientific, Singapore New Jersey, London, 1994, 394 p..
On the listed monographies there are numerous references in original scientific works, monographies, manuals, and also in physical экциклопедии (Moscow, Scientific publishing house " Big Росийская the encyclopedia ", 1998, т.5) and in the encyclopaedic dictionary " Physics of a firm body " (Kiev, Наукова Думка, 1998).
For the monography " Kinetic effects in semiconductors " in 1974 Askerov B.M. has been awarded with the State Premium of Azerbaijan.
In 2000 проф. B.M.Askerovu had been appropriated(gave) a honorary title " the Honored worker of a science of Azerbaijan ".


At physics faculty employees of chair lecture the general-theoretical courses: "Classical mechanics", "Thermodynamics and statistical physics" and "Solid State Physics" for bachelors, and also the following special courses for preparation of the masters on a speciality "Physics of a solids state": Quantum statistics, Electrodynamics and mechanics of the continuous media, "Quantum theory of solid states", "Optical properties of solids", "Groups theory and its application in solid state physics", "Instability theory in semiconductors", "Physics of metals and semiconductors", "Physics of thin films", "Statistics of carriers and transport phenomena in condenced matter", "Selected solid state problems", "Nonequilibrium thermodynamics".
Since 1997 till present time 32 masters are prepared.
The following textbooks and manuals had been issued by employees of the chair: Jasejarov B.M. - Бярк ъисимляр нязяриййяси. Бакы Дювлят Университетинин няшриййаты, Бакы, 2001, 153 сящ. (Textbook), Jasejarov B.M. - Thermodynamics вя статистик physics. Бакы Дювлят Университетинин няшриййаты, Бакы, 2005, 632 сящ. (Textbook), J.G.Aamalyjev - " Классик mechanics ", Бакы, 1998, 229 сящ. (Textbook).


The faculty of Physics of a firm body during lines of years carried out the international communications(connections) with conducting(leading) High schools and scientific institutes of Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan Moscow the State University him(it). M.V.Lomonosova, the Leningrad, Kazan, Chernovtsy and Samarkand State Universities, Физико - technical institute him(it). A.F.Ioffe (Санкт - Petersburg), Institute of semiconductors (Novosibirsk, Kiev). Employees of the set forth above centres of science on faculty of firm body БГУ read rates of lectures and participated in work of scientific seminars and represented itself as opponents of dissertations. It is necessary to note, that almost all employees of faculty have passed postgraduate study and have prepared dissertations, basically, in the cities of Sankt - Petersburg, Moscow and Kazan.
Employees of faculty took part in work of the international scientific conferences in the following countries: England, Russia, Germany, Spain, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Australia, the USA, Argentina.

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