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Department of Chemical Physics of Nanomaterials

The department of “Chemical Physics of Nanomaterial” at BSU has been established on November 15, 1971 on the basis of the order from the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic (number 21/4-157) according to the decision of Board of the Ministry of Education (number 7/8) since May, 12, 1972. First named as “The department of Quantum mechanics of atoms and molecules” it received the current title of Chemical physics of Nano materials. According to the result of the scientific council, which was held in 06.01.2006 and following the R-05 12.01.06 command of the Rector of university and taking the importance of studying of Nano-materials in nowadays science the department changed its name to the current title and pioneered in deeper study of this field, creating pedagogical groups and formation of scientific-methodic researches. The department also has been active on teaching and preparing top experts on atomic and molecular physics for a long time.

Currently the department is under the administration of M.A.Ramazanov. Born in 1958 he graduated from the Physics faculty of Azerbaijan in 1980 and in 1989 he defended his Ph.D thesis on semiconductor and dielectric physics. He earned his attestation as leading scientific worker from the supre council of attestation in 2000. He had  worked as Engineer, leading engineer and the dean of laboratory in Institute Of Physics of Azerbaijan and (Under SCB registration) from 1986-1992. He was hired and introduced as leading scientific degree in the institute of physics through in 1992 and as a directing scientist via the commission of Attestation in 2002. He was selected in the institute of agency of national aero cosmic and cosmic researches as the first assistant in 2004. Subsequently invited to the department of Chemical Physics of Nanomaterial as the dean in 2005 and the assistant of the head of institute of problems of physics he had been elected as the head of the department of Chemical Physics of Nano-Materials since July, 1 2006. He is the author of 315 scientific papers (which 61 of them are being published in journals under the Thomson Reuters and recognized for 21 invention including documents with 13 authors and 8 (patent) & Ph.D students are graduated under his supervision.

At Department there is an Educational laboratory. On department 10 employees work:

N Position Academic degree   
Last name,First name and Father's name

Professor, Head of Department Dr. of Phys. Sciences Ramazanov Mahammadali Ahmad o.
2. Associate  Professor Dr (Cand. of Phys. and Math. Sciences) Nabiyev Naqif Saftar o.
3. Associate  Professor Dr (Cand. of Phys. and Math. Sciences) Vahabova Mina Rza q.
4. Associate  Professor Dr (Cand. of Phys. and Math. Sciences) Pashayev Faiq Heydar o.
5. Associate  Professor Dr(Cand. of Biol. Sciences) Veliyeva Lala Islam q.
Associate  Professor PhD Chem. Sciences Haciyeva Flora Vidadi q.
0,5 staff, Teacher Dr(Cand. of Biol. Sciences) Ismat  S. Ahmadov
0,5 staff Teacher Dr (Cand. of Phys. and Math. Sciences) Aghamaliyev Zohrab Adalat
0,5 staff Teacher Dr (Cand. of Phys. and Math. Sciences) Mustafa B. Muradov

Currently the department have 10 staffs. Also 7 Ph.D. students and 11 M.Sc. are carrying out their studies at the Department. Internationally recognized scientist of physics of the atoms and molecules Professor Guseinov, who has supervised the laboratory from 1972-1993 and is currently residing in Turkey, is in regular contact with the department and employees. I.I.Guseinov has played a big role in creation and development of the department. Professor T.M.Mursalov was the head of the department from 1993-2005. During this time employees of department carried out works on Development quantum mechanical methods of calculation in multielectronic problems. Scientific directions of the department are mainly concerning the processes of burnings and explosions. Now the employees of the department carry out lecture and seminar at the faculties of physics,  chemistry and  biology of BSU and also supervise the final works and dissertations of B.Sc. and M.Sc. students. 2 PH.D and 20 M.Sc. thesis are being successfully defended at the department. Scientific works of employees are published in authoritative international and republican scientific magazines and are presented on various symposiums and scientific conferences.
During 2003-2014, 4 Textbooks, 4 manuals, 4 general books, 229 articles (96 internal journals and 133 abroad) and 190 thesis (101 printed in republic and 89 abroad) are published. 4 inventions are also achieved by the department. The Department  Nanomaterial also cooperates and supports the scientific communications with a number of research establishments and universities of CIS countries and foreign states.

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Tel.: (99412)5387217, Fax: (99412)5983376

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