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Department of Physical Electronics

Department of Physical Electronics

History of department:

1959-1971: Every year since the third course (III-V courses) on the basis of Experimental Physics Department has been carried out the specialization of students of the Physics Faculty of the Azerbaijan (now Baku) State University, in direction of "Physical Electronics".

1971: The department of "Physical Electronics" was established at the Baku State University on the basis of Experimental Physics Department, by the initiative of professor Kafar Ibrahim oglu Efendiyev.

1971-1994: Specialization in Physical Electronics of students of the III-V courses of the Physics Faculty was carried out annually, on the basis of the Physical Electronics Department of the Baku State University.

1994: The specialty of "TT120100-Physical Electronics" has been opened in the direction of "TT-120000-Physical Electronics" (Azerbaijan and Russian sectors) at the Baku State University by initiative of professor Ahmed Shahvalad oglu Abdinov, preparing bachelors on profession "Physicist Electronics".

1997: Specializations of "TTM-07001 Solid State Electronics", "TTM-07002 Plasma Electronics", "TTM-07003 Optoelectronics" was opened on the basis of the Physical Electronics Department (Azerbaijan and Russian sectors), preparing masters in the direction of "TTM-07000 Physical Electronics" by the initiative of professor A.Sh.Abdinov.

Heads of the department:

1971-1992: Doctor of physical and mathematical of sciences, professor Kafar Ibrahim oglu Efendiyev

Since 1992 up to date: Doctor of physical and mathematical of sciences, professor Ahmed Shahvalad oglu Abdinov


Personnel potential of the department:

1. Department head, f.r.e.d., prof. Abdinov Ahmed Shahveled
2. f.r.e.d., prof.(0.5) Nizami Mikayil Mehdiyev
3. f.ü.e.d., prof. Mamedov Huseyn Mikail
f.ü.e.d., prof. Huseynov Tarlan Khanbaba
5. f.ü.e.d. , dos. Əfəndiyeva İzzət Məhəmməd qızı
6. f.r.e.n., dos.
Garibov Geys Ibrahim
f.r.e.n., dos. Davudov Benyameddin Beyaga
f.r.e.n., dos. Safarov Vagif Guseyngulu
f.r.e.n., dos. Sadikhzade Gulara Mamed
10. f.r.e.n., dos. Agayev Mustafa Nuhbala
11. f.r.e.n., dos. Rasulov Eldar Aydin
12. f.r.e.n., dos. Alekperov Shahin Shamshad
13. f.r.e.n., m., Ragimova Naila Ali
4. f.r.e.n., m., Amirova Sabina Ikram
15. f.r.e.n., m. Allahverdiyev  Shamsaddin Allahverdi
16.  f.ü.f.d. , m.
Aslanova Amina Rasim


Educational- subsidiary persons:

Total 6, and 1 of these candidates of physics and mathematical of sciences

There are 4 doctoral students

Teaching disciplines


General Physics, Radiophysics, Physical bases of vacuum techniques, Solid State Electronics, Materials of Electronic Techniques, Physics of Plasma and Gas Discharge, Emission Electronics, circuit technique, Optoelectronics, Electronic-ionic devices and electronic optics, Quantum electronics, High-frequency electronics, Micro- and nanoelectronics, Physical electronics.

At the II, III and IV courses students go through training and productive practices. Modern concepts of physical electronics are studied in early special courses. Admission of students is carried out by the State Commission for Admission of Students under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan through unified testing. Training is carried out for free (due to state support) and paid basis.

Master degree:

Theoretical basis of Physical Electronics, Recent Problems ofPhysical Electronics, History and Methodology of Physical Electronics, Radioelectronics, science of materials, Technology and designing of Electronic Devices, Electronic Theory of Solid State, Contact and surface phenomenon in Solid State, Theory of Solid State and Microelectronics, Theoretical bases of Optoelectronics, Laser Optoelectronics, Devices, facility and Systems of Optoelectronics, Gas Lasers, Optical processing of Information, Technology of chips and semiconductive microelectronics, Physical bases of Nanotechnology, Electronic-ionic and plasma technology, Theory of plasma and gas discharge, Physics and Technology of Elements of Electro-vacuum Systems, Recent Problems of Plasma Electronics, Plasma Diagnostics, Theory of oscillation, Modern Gas-discharge Devices.

Educational laboratory:

Radiophysics, Padioelectronics, Electronics of High-frequencies, Vacuum Techniques, Plasma and Gas Discharge, Solid State Electronics, Optoelectronics, Plasma Technology, Electronic and Ionic Devices, Electronic optics, Emission Electronics.


Bachelor: Physical Electronics, Specialization of “Physical Electronics”

Master degree: Solid State Electronics, Plasma Electronics, Optoelectronics

Post graduate degree: Physical Electronics, Solid State Physics

Doctoral degree: Electronics, Solid State Physics, Semiconductor Physics

Scientific orientation and problems:

- Some problems of Physical Electronics

- Some problems of Solid State Electronics

- Some problems of Plasma Electronics and Gas Discharge

Books (published in 2010-2018):

1. A.Sh. Abdinov, V.G. Safarov, Materials of electronic engineering and generals of nanotechnology (in Azerbaijani), Baku, Tahsil, 2010

2. A.Sh. Abdinov, I.S. Hasanov, T.H. Huseynov, Electronic devices and fundamentals of emission electronics (in Azerbaijani), Baku, Tahsil, 2011

3. K.M. Dashdemirov, T.H. Huseynov. Gas discharge and plasma physics (in Azerbaijani), Baku, Baku University, 2014

4. A.Sh.Abdinov, R.F.Babaeva, E.A.Rasulov, Materials Science (in Azerbaijani), Baku, "Tahsil", 2017.

5. H.M. Mamedov, M.A.Jafarov, M.A.Ramazanov, "Radiophysics" (in English), Baku, "Muallim", 2018.


1. prof. A.Sh.Abdinov- "Honorary grammar" of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 2015.

2. assoc. prof. G.I.Garibov- "An advanced worker of education" of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 2016.

3. assoc. prof. V.G. Safarov- "An advanced worker of education" of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 2016.

Articles (published in 2010-2018):

In Republic Scientific Journals-125, in Foreign Scientific Journals -74, including in indexed journals: A-3, B-26, C-18, D-27

Participation at scientific conferences (in 2010-2018):

Republic - 105, International – 91, Department of Physical Electronics


During the years of 1959-1971, the courses for the Physics-Electronics, Based on the department of Experimental Physics, were held for the students of 3rd and 4th semesters of the Faculty of Physics at Baku State University.

In 1971, the department the Physics-Electronics was established By Doctor of Physics-Mathematics, Prof.Qafar Afandiyev.

The department of Physical Electronics had given lectures for the junior and senior students of the faculty during 1971-1994.

In 1994, and according to the action by Prof.Ahmad Abdinov, the program labeled as Physical Electronics” started to accept students for this specialty at Bachelor degree.

In 1997, again pioneered by Prof.Abdinov, the branches of Physical Electronics, Soli-State Electronics, Plasma Electronics and Optoelectronics were started to work at M.Sc. level.

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