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The scientific – pedagogical personnel of the department consist of:

corresponding member of NAS of Azerbaijan – 5 person
professors – teaсhers – 89 person
technical staff – 63 person
There are 29 Doctors of science and 87 Candidates of science among them.
874 persons are educated on the Bachelors Degree Education on the following specialties:
Physical Electronics
Physics and Astronomy
And 78 persons are educated on the Masters Degree Education on the following specialties:
Theoretical and mathematical physics
Physics of Solids State
Semiconductors Physics
Quantum electronics
Heat Physics and Molecular physics
Atom and molecular physics
Physics of biological systems
Semiconducting instruments and microelements
Electronics of Solids
Gas and Plasma Electronics

The following courses are taught on the Bachelors Degree Education:

Molecular Physics
Atomic Physics
Nuclear Physics
Classic Mechanics
Quantum mechanics
Thermodynamics and statistical Physics
Computer in Physics
General Chemistry
Higher Mathematics
Practicum on Radioelectronics

And the following courses are taught on the Matter’s Degree Education:

Theory of Classic surfaces
Electrodynamics of Adrons
Quantum electrodynamics
Quantum chromodynamics
Mechanics of Compast mediums and electrodynamics
Theory of groups and its application on Solids
Metals and semiconductors Physics
Quantum Theory of Solids
Technology of Semiconductors
Kinetic effects in semiconductors
Semiconductors transformers
Lazer Physics
Complicated heterostructures
Star atmosphere
Fundamentals of planet physics
Physics of the Sun
Quantum theory of atom
Fundamentals of atomic spectroscopy
Quantum theory of molecules
Experiment – research methods of matter structure
Physical-chemical properties of water in biological systems
Physics of high molecular compounds
Investigation of biosystems by EPR, NMR methods
Contact and surface effects in Solids
Electronic Theory of Solids Optoelectronic instruments, setlings and systems
Theoretical fundamentals in gas vacation and plasma physics
Plasma electronics
Electronic, ionic and plasma technology
Gas lasers and other courses.

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