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Meeting masters of MIPT with students of physical fuculty of BSU


According to the agreement signed by the rectores of two universities, our students were given an opportunity to participate on the physics and mathematics exams which are conducted by MFTI teachers every year. According to the results of the examinations the selected best students can continue their education on the educational program at MFTI. This summer there was the first edition of masteres in MFTI who has been sent from Baku State University. These are: Sheyda Ismayilova and Nagi Gasimov. There was meeting with bachelor and master degree students of Baku State University and Sheyda Ismayilova and Nagi Gasimov on July 9, 2012.Meeting was so interesting. Najafova Afet and Guliyeva Vusala the students who participated in V higher courses of CIS which was devoted to “The researches of sinxotron and neutron studies of Nanosystems”of young investigator which was happen on 17 June-5 July at the university of Dubna city BNTI and at the university of Moscow Kurchatov shared their impressions.The masters of Physics faculty have spoken education process of their faculties which happen regularly, scientific- research works and they noted about the importance of holding such meetings.

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