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Statements of undergraduates at scientific seminar


At 28.03.2019 was carried out the regular graduate scientific seminar under the direction of deputy dean, assistant prof. E.Sh.Alekperov. At seminar,  about the conducted research work were presented  graduate students of the 2nd course  Nargiz Hashimova , Fidan Safarli, Sevinj Amirova and 1st course of the Physics Faculty Hussein Quluzadeh.

The participants of seminar (lecturers and students) got answers to their questions after hearing the presentations of the speakers.

For the first report, about the scientific report was invited Nargiz Hashimova graduate student of the Department “ Optics and Molecular physics”. Her report “Investigation of optimal configuration of influenza virus peptide”, which performed under the supervision of prof. I.N.Aliyeva, was attracted interest and discussed on the basis of questions - answers. Then Fidan Safarli presented the results of conducted research work on “CdS: Optical properties of Mn(Cu) thin layer”.  Prof. H.B.Ibrahimov , which hers scientific supervisor, expressed his attitude to the guests expressed the relevance of research by asking additional questions on the report. By the next report on “Photoelectric and luminescent properties of GaS crystal in high optical excitement” acted Sevinj Amirova, undergraduate of the department “ Semiconductor physics”. The report was met with great interest. Based on the questions asked by the supervisor of student, prof.  A.H.Husseinov and other participants of the seminar, the subject has undergone thorough analysis and have been brought to the attention of the work to be carried out in the future in connection with the research. Another speaker- Hussein Quluzadeh, along with performance of the work, which done under the supervision of prof. S.Abdullaev, on “Pseudoscalar Higgs bozon’s transformation channels” was reply in detail to the questions of the participants. Head of the workshop presentations and discussions summarized.

It was announced that the next seminar will be held on 11.04.2019.

Each graduate student can become as participant of the workshop.

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