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The next monthly scientific seminar of masteres


The next monthly scientific seminar of masteres of Physical faculty was held on 4 December in 2012 at 1000 in the class number of 111.In this seminar the dissertation works of following 5 masters of second year  was discussed.

  1. Ramazanova Sevinj Farman q.
  2. Xalilova Lamia Yasin q.
  3. Miralamova Farqana Vaqif q.
  4. Mammadov Fuad Elman o.
  5. Safarova Turkan Hacaddin q.


The next scientific seminar of masters will be held on 25.12.2012.In accordance the table the dissertation works of 5 masteres of second year will be heard in this seminar.

The attention of master students who will participate in this seminar: The presentation should be presented as follows:

  1. The name of dissertation work, the name and soname of scientific director
  2. The purpose of dissertation work and its actuallity
  3. The responsibilitis of masteres
  4. The issues set forth by Magisrant, the analysis and the results of discussion which held with the scientific director.
  5. Information about the implementation of the remaining part of the problems of dissertation work till the protection of it.
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