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The next science seminar of the Physics Faculty was happen

The next science seminar of the Physics Faculty was happen on 24 of November. At the seminar, Professor of the Department of General Physics R.C.Qasımova reported on the topic of "Metamaterials SHG"

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The next scientific seminar of masteres

The next monthly scientific seminar of masteres of Physical faculty was held on 20 November in 2012 at 1000 in the class number of 111.In this seminar the dissertation works of following 5 masters of second year was discussed.

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Dr. Anar Rüstəmov From Little Bang to Big Bang

On November 8, 2012 a seminar titled “From Little Bang to Big Bang” was held at the faculty of physics of the Baku State University (BSU). Dr. Anar Rustamov from the Goethe –University Frankfurt reported on fundamental problems in particle and heavy-ion physics in view of the ongoing activities at CERN. In particular, experimental searches for the onset of deconfinement and chiral symmetry restoration were highlighted. In this context the physics program of the NA61/SHINE experiment at the CERN SPS was presented. Nearly 50 scientists from BSU, the Institute of Physics of National Academy of Sciences, and the Shamahky Astrophysical Observatory attended the seminar, which was followed by fruitful discussions.

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Prise by name “ISESCO Prize in Science & Technology 2012”

The collective of Physical Department canguratulate academician Abel Maharramov for the awarding of the prise by name “ISESCO Prize in Science & Technology 2012” which was given by Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization on 11.10.2012

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Nobel Laureate George Fitzgerald Smoots have been in Baku State University

Nobel Laureate George Fitzgerald Smoots American astrophysic, the scientist at the University of Technology of Massachusetts have been in Baku State University in 3 october,2012.The Rector of Baku State University, academician Abel Maharramov met scientist.Abel Maharramov reported about our universiry, about the history of establishment and development, international relations and co-operation of the leading universities, recognized associations and institutions, relations and participation in international grant projects.Rector noted that, Azerbaijanian scientists take advantage of the experience of the scientists`s of USA in Nanotechnology area.Then Nobel Laureate George Fitzgerald Smoots read a lecture to teachers and students of the Physics faculty.After this famous scientist answered all questions of teachers and students. Nobel Laureate George Fitzgerald Smoots has been in Nanoresearch laboratory too and he interested in the research works and estimated they with the high value. The scienthist gave valuable information about relations between production areas and science.

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The attention of students of physics faculty!

All students of faculty students shall be informed that, the grand event will be held in front of the main building of BSU on 15 september on occasion of knowledge day.After event there is will be meeting between students and the department of physics faculty. All students must participate.

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Scientists of BSU scientific mission in Switzerland

Dean of Physics faculty, head of Department of Chemical physics of nanomaterials of Baku State University professor Dr.Ph.S. M.A. Ramazanov and leader scientists of Nanoresearch laboratory, dosent I.S.Ahmadov  are visiting at the Laboratory of Complex Matter Physics of Lausanne Polytechnical Federal Institut (EPFL) since 1th August 2012 year  in the framework of SCOPES programme  (Project - IZ73Z0_128068) which is supporting Switzerland Science Academy. During visiting scientists of EPFL professor Lazslo Forro and Andrzej Sienkiewicz and scientist from BSU will research the mechanism of uptake, accumulation and transporting of  nanoparticles in plants  by ESR methods. The scientist of EPFL and BSU in the collaboration have received a new scientific results in the field of nanotoxicology  which play a great role in the development of researches in this field at Baku State University.

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Meeting masters of MIPT with students of physical fuculty of BSU

According to the agreement signed by the rectores of two universities, our students were given an opportunity to participate on the physics and mathematics exams which are conducted by MFTI teachers every year. According to the results of the examinations the selected best students can continue their education on the educational program at MFTI. This summer there was the first edition of masteres in MFTI who has been sent from Baku State University. These are: Sheyda Ismayilova and Nagi Gasimov. There was meeting with bachelor and master degree students of Baku State University and Sheyda Ismayilova and Nagi Gasimov on July 9, 2012.Meeting was so interesting. Najafova Afet and Guliyeva Vusala the students who participated in V higher courses of CIS which was devoted to “The researches of sinxotron and neutron studies of Nanosystems”of young investigator which was happen on 17 June-5 July at the university of Dubna city BNTI and at the university of Moscow Kurchatov shared their impressions.The masters of Physics faculty have spoken education process of their faculties which happen regularly, scientific- research works and they noted about the importance of holding such meetings.

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The rector of MSU was in Nanoresearch laboratory

The rector of MSU Academician VA Sadovniciy was in Nanoresearch laboratory of Department of Chemical Physics of Nanomaterials. He was acquainted with the scientific-research workes which carried out here. There were discussions about problems of scientific interest.

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The exams were conducted for students wishing to continue their studies at MIPT

The exams were conducted for students wishing to continue their studies at MIPT, in the Baku State University in July 1 2012 at 9:30 am. The exams were taken by ap. Assoc. Slobodyaninyn V.P (physics) and ap.Assoc. Agakhanov .N.H (mathematics).

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The next release of Masters

The 44 graduates of Baku State University received a master's degree at the Physics Department in the 2011-2012 academic year. 28 graduates of these, were awarded diplomas with honors, among them 10 were Masters Diplomas University.

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Cag oyretim management company expresses his gratitude to prof. M.A. Ramazanov

“Cag oyretim management company” expresses his gratitude to prof. M.A. Ramazanov according to him help for students of "Caucasian" Azerbaijan-Turkey Gymnasium to take an active part in the work of the Olympiads

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A meeting with graduates

There was held a meeting with graduates of physics faculty of 1982 at Baku State University on 26 May, in 2012. The graduates was received by rector of University academic A M Magerramov. Academic A M Magerramov congratulated the graduates and noted that between this graduates 5 people are doctor of science and 30 people are candidate of science.10 of them work in our University and 70 people work in various educational institutions. 1 doctor of science and 1 candidate of science continue scientific activities in Saint Petersburg. They got acquainted with the scientific research laboratory of Nanotexnology. Then, the artistic part of the meeting was continued.

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There was happen next Scientific Republican Conference of master students and young researchers by name Physics and Astronomy problems

There was happen next Scientific Republican Conference of master students and young researchers by name "Physics and Astronomy problems" in physics faculty of Baku State University on 26 may 2012.The participants were rector of Baku State University academician Abel Maharramov, Vice-Rector on Teaching Affairs prof. Irada Aliyeva, teaching staff of physics faculty, students and young researchers from other universities.The conference was opened by the rector`s declar of BSU academician Abel Maharramov . He talked about the achievements of physics faculty in recent years and emphasize the interest of students in science. Academician Abel Maharramov noted he importance of the participation of youngest in such conference and wished success to the participants of the conference. Then the dean of the faculty of physics took the word and continued the plenary meeting.He said that there will be 3 reports in plenary meeting. The speech was given to the students. After the plenary meeting of the conference took on 4 sections. At the final meeting, section`s chairmenes reported that, the conference was happened a high level and they was satisfaction with the speeches of students. At the end of the day the conference ended its work.

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The dean of Physical faculty, prof. Ramazanov Mahammadali was in Germany by the official invitation of “Carl Zeiss\"

The dean of Physical faculty, prof. Ramazanov Mahammadali during the period May, 3 - May, 9th was in Germany by the official invitation of  “Carl Zeiss" company for acquaintance with technical possibilities of the equipment created by the company.

On May, 3rd in Oberkochen Dr. Heiner Jakschl has studied properties of  the nanocomposite polymeric  synthesised in laboratory of nanoinvestigations of BSU by using of  the Merlin’s electronic microscope, possessing high sensitivity and wide technical possibilities.

This day  during  the meeting of prof. Ramazanov with Dr. Frank Stick and Dr. Frank Stizl , the members of “Carl Zeiss" company’s Board Directors,  mutual cooperation  has been discussed  . Prof. Ramazanov has familiarised with created here an elektron-ionic microscope ”Auriga” and  an ionic microscope "Orion".

In the  same time in the centre of scientific researches and in laboratory of biology of  “Carl Zeiss" company located in  Munich, researches of real biological structures by using of fluorescent and the IR-spectroscope have been carried out.

Prof. Ramazanov M. A has met with prof. P. van Acken, Director of  electronic microscopes’ centre of Max Planck Institute  in Stuttgart for the purpose of acquaintance to a direction of scientific researches. During visit the meeting of prof. Ramazanov with prof. Sebastjan Rehler, the Director of the nanotechnologies centre. They decided to prepare  joint  international projects.

On May, 9th in Berlin  the wreath at a monument to the Unknown soldier by prof. Ramazanov has been assigned.

The Leadership of  “Carl Zeiss" company has expressed hope of cooperation with the Baku State University and has allocated for use in the scientific purposes and educational process  10 Primo Star Optic microscopes.

Visit  was promoted  by the head of nanotechnologies department  and electronic microscopes of “Carl Zeiss" company across the CIS countries  Alexander Uljanenko, and also the observer across Azerbaijan Natalia Gamzaeva.

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State Examination of IV course’ students

On May, 25th, 2012 State Examination of IV course’ students will take place.
For the additional information please request to dean’s office

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On May, 19th, 2012 Republican scientific conference of masters and young scientists «Physics and astronomy» will carry out.

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Prof. M.A.Ramazanov, the acting of dean of Physical Faculty has taken part in «Innovations. The CIS.

Prof. M.A.Ramazanov, the acting of dean of Physical Faculty has taken part in «Innovations. The CIS. The future» forum’s work in Moscow and Dubna during April, 3-6th, 2012, organized by the Innovative Center of nanotechnologies in the CIS. His report was: «About a role of innovative projects in nanotechnologies’area  in development of economy of Azerbaijan», and also has carried on negotiations from Moscow Open Company "Росучприбор"  about acquisition of the complete set of laboratory works for faculty. Besides, prof. M.A.Ramazanov participated in checking of the basic scanner of nuclear power microscope “Integra Prima

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The scientist of year

By  order of Academic Council of the BSU the acting Dean of Physical Faculty, prof. Mahammadali Ahmed Ramazanov is awarded with ranks «the Scientist of year» of the BSU for volume of the executed scientific works in 2011. The Faculty and  students of faculty congratulate  prof. Ramazanov M. A and wish him all the best.

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The Baku state university has won first place in the general rating (interdisciplinary) research activity according to estimations of the International Academy of Sciences and Higher education for 2011, spent on the basis of results of scientific conferences and the analytical championships among universities more than 15 countries-participants .

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