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Department of optics and molecular physics

History of chair

The department has been established since 1952 under the administration of Dr. Mehdi Aliyev, Assistant Chief of the faculty of Physics-Mathematics at the beginning and then by Dr. Madat Sardarli and Dr. Mohammad Abdullayev under the name of the department for molecular physics. The department changed its title to the current name, the department of Optics and Molecular Physics, in 1982 and after the decision made in the scientific council of the University.
Late Dr. Mehdi Alieyv was the first head of the department. He worked as the head until 1962 and equipped and upgraded the laboratory by all of the required technical facilities and succeeded on upgrading the quality of pedagogical activities to a contemporary level. He always paid special attention to preparation of the expert members of the department during his 16 years of administration. The department was later managed by Dr.M.H. Sərdarlı from 1962 until 1968, prof. N.M. Qocayev from 1968 to 1984, prof.A.U.Mahmudov from 1985 to 1990, prof. H.O.Mehrabov from 1990 to 1993 and prof Ahmadov durin 1994 until 2011 respectively.

Mexti Sadix ogli Aliev was born in Gandja in 1907. After graduation he worked as a teacher of physics in the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute. In 1931-1935-es he worked as a head of the Department of Physics of the  Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute. In 1944 he worked as a head of the Department of Physics  of the Baku State University. In 1952 M.Aliev worked in positon of vice-rector of the Baku State University. In 1962 he was awarded with the rank rector in the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute. In1965 and by the end of his life in 1970 he worked as rector in the Baku State University. In 1933  he was awarded the title Ph.D. In 1949  he defended his doctoral dissertation  on « Determination of hardness of solids by vibrations». His scientific articles published in leading scientific journals. He has performed at conferences. M.Aliev translated into Azerbaijani language «Course of General Physics» and «Molecular Physics» by A.F.Ioffe. He translated into Azerbaijani language training manuals for students.  M. Aliev co-authored of the textbook on optics in the Azerbaijani language.

Mamed Abbas oglu Abdullayev was born in the village of Dashkesan in Qazax in1903. He graduated from high school in Qazax. He was student in Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute and graduated with the honors diploma. In 1940-1960-es he worked in the department of physics of the Baku State University.  In those years he was the lead teacher. He was an educated and intelligent. Classes were held at a high level. He died in1972.

Hashimzade Mamed Ali Ughurlu was born in the village of Zaragan, Kutkashen( Gabala ) region of Azerbaijan in 1906. In 1921 he graduated elementary school and went to Agdash , where he entered the school of the second stage , after which in 1925 enrolled in Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute, then transferred to the naturally - mathematical department of pedagogical faculty of ASU , where he graduated in 1930. After graduation he worked as a teacher of physics in the Cuban Teachers College until 1933 . From 1933 – 1936 y he worked as assistant chair of physics Azerbaijan  State Medical University and from 1936 – 1944 y was Associate Professor of the department. Since 1944-1946 y headed the Physics Department in Azerbaijan  Gov't  Medical Institute. Worked part-time at the Institute of Physics of the Azerbaijan . SSR. Since 1946 -1952g.g . worked as a senior researcher of the Institute of Physics of the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences SSR. He defended his thesis under the supervision of HI Amirkhanova on the theme: "Research asymmetry electronic conductivity of semiconductors in a hot field " (1949 ) . Engaged in the service of the Sun and study the scientific heritage of Azerbaijani scientist Nasreddin Tusi . Together with GD Mamedbeyli edited translation of the work of the scientist "Treatise on intersecting figure ." Since 1937 1949y.y . concurrently taught a course in astronomy in Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute. In 1952 - 1959g.g . - Head of the Department of Physics of Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute , then an assistant professor of theoretical physics. From 1961 - 1975g.g . Associate Professor, chair of Molecular Physics , and 1975 . - until his death (1980 ) Associate Professor of "Astrophysics " of Azerbaijan State  University.       M.A.Hashimzade translated into Azerbaijani language " course of general physics . S. Frisch and A. Timoreva , vol-3 . Optics. (1954) and "Astronomy" BA Vorontsov- Velyaminova (1949 , 1972). Wrote the book "Astronomy" in the Azerbaijani language , guidelines for laboratory work on optics in Azerbaijani . language ( 1954)

Sardarli Madat Gasan oglu (1912-1988) - was born in the village of Shafag in Gasim Ismailov region. After graduation he enrolled in pedagogical college in Gandja. After graduation in 1931-1935-es he worked as a teacher at school, and then worked as school director. In 1940 after graduating  the faculty of physics in Baku State University he worked as the assistant of chair and deputy dean of the department of physics . M.G.Sardarli  worked for 50 years at Baku State University. He was a good organizer. He organized the Physics Olympiad in Baku and in Azerbaijan in general. He created a school of young physicists at the University of Baku. Sardarly did a lot of scientific research. His dissertation, "The temperature dependence of viscosity karbogidrogen" received wide practical application. M.G.Sardarly is the author of several scientific papers and methodological guidelines.


Tamila Sattar qizi Abilova was born in 1937 in Baku. She finished the high school with gold medal and entered the faculty of Physics-Mathematics and graduated in 1960 with sophisticated diploma she studied also music at the same time. She worked first at the Institute of Problems of Petro-Chemistry and then at the department of Optics and Molecular Physics. She defended her Ph. D. in Moscow and under the supervision of Prof L.M. Qribov. She gave lectures on Molecular Oscillations and participated on establishment of the laboratory for Molecular Spectroscopy. She was the supervisor of some of the scientific dissertations. Mrs. Abilova died in 2004



Adil Umud oglu Mahmudov was born in 1937 at Qulaband village of Ujar district in Azerbaijan. He studied at the faculty of Physics in Azerbaijan Government University (currently named as BSU) and graduated with sophisticated diploma. He defended his dissertation in 1966 and then graduated from the Institute for Chemical Technology in Moscow in 1990 by working on Hyper Molecule Compounds and Physical Chemistry which earned him the degree of scientist in Chemical science. He became professor in 1990 and worked as the professor at the department of Optics and Molecular Physics as professor until rest of his life. Mr. Mahmudov was also the head of the council of Methodical Physics in Azerbaijan and the head of the Physics part of commissioners of preparing new Physics teaching programfor intermediate schools. He worked as the head of the department of Optics and Molecular Physics from 1985 until 1990. He died in 05.09.2009.


Faiq Abdulavval oglu Ahmadov was born in 16.10.1940in the city of Shaki, Azerbaijan. He studied primarily at the faculty of Physics of BSU from 1957 to 1962 and then went to Moscow State University named after M. Lomonsov to continue his studies from 1962 to 1965. He defended his doctorate thesis under the title of Mechanical properties of crystalized polymers and became assistant professor of Physics-Mathematics. He first worked as teacher and senior teacher in 1966 and became associated professor of the department of Optics and Molecular Physics in 1971. Mr. Ahmadov defended his scientific work titled as the study of transitions of relaxations Macro-Molecule systems by considering their structure properties at the Chemical Physics Institute of Russia which earned him the title of Doctor of Science in 1992. Mr. Ahmadov became professor in 1994 and was the professor and the head of the department of Optics and Molecular Physics from 1994 to 2011. He also was the head of the Conflict commission at BSU and was the author of more than 100 scientific papers and 12 books. Because of his valuable activities in the improvement of education and science he was awarded by the title of Emeritusby Mr. President IlhamAliev in 31.10.2009. Mr. Ahmadov died in 15.02.2011.

Professor N.M. Qocayev has directed the department from 1968 to 1984. During this years, the department has been also directed towards the study of structures of biological molecules and study of the correlation of functions). Later, the department has been pioneered in research for the molecular acoustics (by prof. Adil Mahmudov and Dr. Svetlana Sadikhova) and polymer physics (prof. Faig Ahmadov, prof. Abuzar Rasulov and Dr. Vagif Safarov). The outstanding Azerbaijani scientist late Dr. Bahram Mansurov, Dr. Amrullah Aghamaliyev, and prof. Cafar Quluzade have had started their academic activities in this department.



Mamedov Rasim Kara oglu was born in 1950 in the employee's family. In 1967, after graduating from secondary school with a gold medal, he entered the faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering of the Azerbaijan Technical University. He continued his studies in 1971-1972 at the Moscow Institute of Management Problems and graduated this with a diploma of distinction. He served as an officer in 1972-1974 in the ranks of the Soviet Army. He studied in 1975-1978 at the post-graduate course of the Baku State University, specializing in Radiophysics, and in 1979 as a young specialist in the field, he began his scientific and pedagogical activity at the Department of Optics and Molecular Physics. He defended his candidate and doctoral dissertations in 1983 and 2003, received the academic degree of candidate and doctor of physical and mathematical sciences. R.K. Mamedov worked as a teacher, docent, assistant of professor and professor at the Department of Optics and Molecular Physics. And at the same time, in 1999 - 2012 he worked as a deputy dean and dean of the Faculty of Physics. He was engaged in research work on the actual topic "Thermo-, photo- and electrophysical properties of metal-semiconductor contact" in the field of physics and electronics of solids and discovered a new physical phenomenon "the arise of an additional electric field" in real metal-semiconductor contacts. Based on this scientific discovery, he wrote the first monograph entitled Metal-Semiconductor Contacts with the Electric Spots Field , Baku, 2003, and established a new scientific direction "The phenomenon of metal-semiconductor contact with an additional electric field" in the physics and electronics of solids. In the scientific centers of our and foreign countries, were beginning to conduct extensive scientific research in this new scientific direction and received important scientific results. He developed a new type of "Alternative current source", which allows the transformation of the heat of the environment into electrical energy, invented a high-quality solar cell with an additional electric field, proposed a rectification mechanism in the power TMBS diode with an additional electric field. The established scientific discovery began to be used also in other scientific and technical fields, as in chemistry, instrumentation, machine building of oil and gas, etc. In 1999-2012 he was deputy chairman and chairman of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Physics, a member of the BSU Scientific Council, deputy chairman and chairman of the doctoral Dissertation Council at BSU D.02.012, head of the Scientific and Practical Seminar of the Faculty of Physics, a member of the editorial board of the Bulletin of the Baku University and the Union. Currently, he is a professor at the department, a member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Physics, a member of the editorial board of the journals "Bulletin of the Baku University" and "Journal of Qafqaz University" and the Union of Republican Journalists. He was awarded the "Taraggi" medal for his successful scientific and pedagogical work.


Currently the department is under the direction of prof. Rena J. Kasumova. She started her activities in 1984 at the department of General Physics of the Baku State University. After finishing her study at the Institute of Physical Engineering (MIFI), she got candidate for her thesis entitled, “The Investigation of Gas Lasers with Internal Anisotropy“ in 1982 and advocated her doctorate dissertation titled, “Phase changes at nonlinear interaction of optical waves in medium” in 2003. She is currently conducting researches in the area of Laser physics and is the author of 122 scientific papers and works including 2 inventions, 1 monograph and one essay for scientific apparatus. She has advised the dissertation of 3 Ph. D students and has prepared more than 15 students at MSc level.



The department is active on serving laboratories in Mechanics, Molecular Physics and Optics. Having 14 persons as its teaching staff, currently the department has also 10 assistant. Among the scientific personnel, there are 4 professors, 9 doctor of science with 7 of them being associated Professors and 1 senior teacher. The assistant cadre includes 2 laboratory managers, 5 senior and 3 ordinary laboratory assistant .

The professor - teaching structure:

Kasumova Rena Jumshud
Irada Nuraddin Alieva
Godjayev Niftali Mehrali
Mamedov Rasim Gara
Hajiyev Zahid Ismail
Useynova Saida Mahmud
Aliyev Rashid Eyub
Aliyev Ehtiram Zeyni
Hajiyeva Lala Sabir
Abbasova Gultekin
Pashaev Baxtiar Gulmali
Baqirov Rafiq M.
Aliyev Latif Pasha

Auxiliary structure:

  1. Eminzade Ulvija Agabala кizi
  2. Badalova Yaxshixanum Agazaki кizi
  3. Suleymanova Nazaket Tofiq кizi
  4. Ismailov Tarifa Ismail кizi
  5. Haciyeva Shahla Nabi кizi
  6. Karimova Samira Xalid кizi
  7. Yaqubova Xatira Orudj кizi
    Mamedova Vusala Jalali kizi
  8. Sharifova Valida Qamid  кizi
  9. Amrahova Aynur Nureddin kizi



Candidates for a degree of department on the competition of chair:

Abbasova Gultakin Jumshud кizi- c.f.m.s.
Pashaev Baxtiar Gulmali oglu- c.f.m.s.
Dissertant of chair:  Shamilova Shahla Asaf kizi

Taught subjects

At a level of a bachelor degree

Department of Physics

Mechanics - the basic course

Molecular physics -the basic course

Optics-the basic course

Structure of Molecules - the basic course

Infrared range spectroscopy- basic course

Department of Biology

The General physics the-basic course

Department of Chemistry

Optics-the basic course

At a level of a master degree

Heat physics and molecular physics

Physics of a surface - the basic course

Heat conductivity of molecular connections -the basic course

Structure of molecules and the nature of molecular forces -the basic course

Structure and properties of macromolecules -the basic course

The theory of oscillatory spectra of multinuclear molecules and methods of calculation -the basic course

Molecular acoustics-the basic course

The quantum theory of molecular forces-the basic course

Method theoretical conformational the analysis of complex molecules-the basic course

Bases of the theory of viscosity of macromolecular solutions-the basic course

Studying of a structure and properties of molecules methods of a NMR and ЕPR-the basic course



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    BİOLOGİYA FAKÜLTƏSİ - Ümumi Fizika 1
    BİOLOGİYA FAKÜLTƏSİ - Ümumi Fizika 2

    Kvant Elektronikasının əsasları FZ (AZ)
    Kvant Elektronikasının əsasları FZ (RUS)
    Kvant Elektronikasının əsasları FZM (AZ)
    Kvant Elektronikasının əsasları FZM (RUS)

    Lazerlər Fizikası FZ (AZ)
    Lazerlər Fizikası FZM (AZ)
    Lazerlər Fizikası FZM (RUS)

    Mexanika FZ (AZ)
    Mexanika FZ (RUS)
    Mexanika FZ (ENG)
    Mexanika FZM (AZ)
    Mexanika FZM (RUS)

    Molekulyar Fizika FZ (AZ)
    Molekulyar Fizika FZ (RUS)
    Molekulyar Fizika FZ (ENG)
    Molekulyar Fizika FZM (AZ)
    Molekulyar Fizika FZM (RUS)

    Molekulyar Fizikanın müasir problemləri FZ (AZ)
    Molekulyar Fizikanın müasir problemləri FZM (AZ)

    Optika FZ (AZ)
    Optika FZ (RUS)
    Optika FZ (ENG)
    Optika FZM (AZ)
    Optika FZM (RUS)

    Ümumi Spektroskopiya FZ (AZ)
    Ümumi Spektroskopiya FZM (AZ)


I  Determination  of  nonlinear  susceptibilities  of  new  materials

II  Development  of  high – sensitivity  dispersion  laser interferometer


The Final State Exam questions in specialization of Physics on the subject of  "Mechanics"  for the 2014/2015 academic year
The Final State Exam questions in specialization of Physics on the subject of  "Molecular phisics"  for the 2014/2015 academic year
The Final State Exam questions in specialization of Physics on the subject of  "Optics"  for the 2014/2015 academic year

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