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Department of Theoretical Physics

The professor - teaching structure:

1. kafed. müd., f.r.e.n., dos. Rəcəbov Məmməd Rəcəb oğlu
2. f.r.e.d., prof. Abdullayev Sərhəddin Qubaddin oğlu
f.ü.e.d., dos. Əhmədov Azər Inşalla oğlu
4. f.r.e.n., B/M.  Məcid Şərafəddin oğlu Qocayev

5. AMEA müx. üzvü, f.r.e.d., prof. V.Hüseynov
6.f.r.e.d., Cəfərov Rauf Qədir oğlu
7.f.r.e.n. müəl. Qasımova Rəsmiyyə Eldar qızı
8. f.r.e.n., dos. Məmmədov Şahin Əlisəttar oğlu
9. baş laborant –
Aslanova Səriyyə Məhəmmədəli qızı
laborant - Rəhimova Sevinc Malik q.

Department of Theoretical Physics was established in 1940. It was first headed by S.G. Rizhanov (1940-1942) and then by Prof Y.G.Dorfman (1942-1945).For the period from 1946 till 1967 the faculty was headed by Dr. R.G.Hasanov.For the period from 1967 to 1988 the faculty was headed by doctor of physics-mathematics sciences, professor, member of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Republic,Muhtarov Abdulla Ibrahim oglu.The Faculty has been provided by all necessary means to carry out investigations and dozens of candidates of sciences took their degrees during that time. I.M.Najafov, F.S.Sadikhov and S.A.Gadjiyev took their doctorate degrees and became professors.

For the period from 1988 till now the faculty has been headed by doctor of physics-mathematics sciences, prof. I.M.Hajafov.The Faculty has improved its scientific potential and staff qualifications and contributed a lot to the international science in last years.Since 1988 more than 10 postgraduates of the faculty has taken their candidate of science degrees and two lecturers P.K.Muradov and S.K.Abullayev successfully took their doctorate degrees and became professors.

prof Najafov Ismet Magomed ogli is famous scientist who works in the field of quantum field theory, nuclear physics and elementary particles.

Najafov’s articles deal with detailed theoretical study of various aspects of interactions of leptons, hadrons, gamma-quanta with each other and nuclei and also with crystal target. He is also involved in finding new possibilities to get additional information about nature of fundamental interactions, structure elementary particles and nuclei, influence of particle polarization on nature of interaction and prediction of new phenomena. Investigations of one-photon radiation of polarized electron and photo production of polarized electron-positron pair on nuclei, polarized multi photon radiation, non-elastic scattering of gamma-quanta by nuclei with the radiation of lepton-antilepton pair and several photons, production of hadron and lepton pairs in the process of radiation annihilation of electrons and positrons in colliding beams, radiation electron-neutrino scattering, non-elastic electromagnetic processes that appear as a result of collisions between polarized electron beams and high energy gamma-quanta with crystals, cascade theory of electromagnetic jetsin crystals maybe given as particular examples of Najafov’s scientific activities.

I.M.Najafov was born in 1933 in Kahi, Azerbaijan. He graduated from high school with distinction medal and became student of physics-mathematics department of Azerbaijan State University in 1950. He graduated from Azerbaijan State University with distinction diploma in 1955 and became post-graduate student of faculty of theoretical physics of Moscow State University in 1956.He took his candidate of sciences degree in Moscow State Universityand since 1959 he has been working in faculty of theoretical physics of ASU ( Baku State University today). He took his doctor degree in April 1975.

Since 1977 he is professor.

Professor I.M.Najafov wrote 140 articles and 117 of them has already been published in CIS and abroad. He supervised 7 candidates of sciences and 2 doctors of physics-mathematics sciences who successfully took their degrees.

Faculty stuff includes total of 8 people – Member of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, doctor of physics-mathematics sciences, professor A.I.Mukhtarov, 4 doctors of physics-mathematics sciences I.M.Najafov (head), F.S.Sadikhov, R.K.Muradov, S.K.Abdullayev, 3 candidates of physics-mathematics sciences – V.Z.Mustafayev, M.R.Rajabov, S.B.Musayev. All of them teach fundamental courses in physics department of Baku State University. Faculty works on one general topic “investigation of properties, structure and polarization characteristics of elementary particles and nuclei in fundamental interactions in high energies”

To investigate interactions of high-energy electrons and muons with nuclei and crystal target1 - processes of radiation of muon (electron) in the field of relativistic nuclei and photo production of m+m- (e+e- ) pairs on nuclei where effects of nuclei rebound and polarization of gamma-quanta and leptons are taken into account 2 – non-elastic electromagnetic processes that appear as a result of collisions of polarized muon (electron) beams and gamma-quanta of high energies with crystals 3- cascade theory of photon-muon (electron) jet in crystal medium where polarization of jet particles are taken into account are being studied.

In order to make test to Standard Model of Electroweak Interactions various polarization asymmetries in the processes of massive lepton pair production in the hadron-hadron collisions and in the reactions like ab1,2,3 are investigated.

QHD investigations of hadron-hadron collisions are carried out to determine quark and gluon contribution to formation of hadron spin.

Faculty staff members published more than 600 articles in prestigious journals and wrote several handbooks ( “Statistical Physics”, “Quantum Mechanics” prof A.I.Mukhtarov, “Quantum Mechanics” prof A.Javadov, “Problems on Quantum Mechanics” , profF.S.Sadikhov,“Problems on Electrodynamics” prof S.K.Abdullayev). Stuff members participated and made reports on more than 30 International Conferences and Schools on nuclear physics, nuclear spectroscopy, atom nuclear structure, elementary particles and hadron physics. Faculty keeps active scientific cooperation with various scientific and educational centers, such as, JINR in Dubna, IPHE, CERN, DESY, SLACK, MSU of M.V.Lomonosov, State Universities of Saint-Petersburg, Kiev, Kharkov, Tbilisi, Minsk.


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